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Join the best club in the NFL!
We are the first and only official fan club of the San Diego Chargers and we work hard and play hard to raise money for their charities.
  • The Charger Backers, established in 1961, is the Official Charger Backer Fan Club and the best club in the NFL!

  • As the official fan club of the San Diego Chargers, we exist to support them and to give generously to their charities through year-round events.
  • Join us as we volunteer at Charger-supported charity drives, such as the Charger Blood Drive, and meet new and Rookie Charger players at our pre-game lunches and dinners!

    • Our famous happy hours have moved to McGregor's Grill & Ale House and Buffalo Wild Wings, the former site of Jr. Seau’s restaurant, among other popular venues in San Diego! So watch our Facebook  page for real-time updates, fund-raising coupons and more.

Annual Membership is only
$35 for the whole family!
Thank you to Giovanni's Restaurant (at 9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd) and to Four Points Sheraton (at 8110 Aero Drive) for letting us bring our famous lunches and dinners to their rooms!
Check out our Event Calendar for dates, times and locations.
  •   Look!  It's the Charger Backers! 

    Let's give 'em something to shout about!